Planning a Halloween Haunted House

When planning a Halloween haunted house, it’s important to make sure it is well thought out and organized. Before you begin building the haunted house, it is important to clear the area and plan a map and flow chart. Then, run a dress rehearsal to make sure that the props and costumes work properly. It’s also important to make sure that everyone has a safe route through the house.

You can also create a haunted house themed after a nuclear disaster. You can research photos of a nuclear disaster zone online to get a good idea of what to create. Use signs with a red nuclear symbol and have people dressed in hazmat suits and gas masks. The area should also look abandoned. Avoid using blinking lights or other types of lights that could scare children.

In addition to haunted houses, there are other types of haunted attractions. Many theme parks offer Halloween events outside of Halloween. Some of these are operated by non-profit organizations. You can find these at Disney’s Fright Fest, the Alton Towers Scarefest, and other amusement parks.

Halloween haunted houses are popular attractions and can be found. Some are famous for being real haunts, while others are lesser known but still bewilder people. King’s Park Psychiatric Center, the Amityville Horror House, Camp Hero in Montauk, and Katie’s of Smithtown are among the most well known haunted places. There are also many locations that are not as well known, like Centereach High School, where a mysterious glowing object has been spotted. Get additional reading here!

Halloween haunted houses at have roots dating back to the 19th century, when Victorians first exposed the public to new forms of gruesome entertainment. Madame Tussaud, for example, scandalized British audiences with wax sculptures of decapitated French figures and death masks of victims of the French Revolution. This sparked a growing interest in gruesome entertainment.

Christian Halloween attractions have also sprung up. These are referred to as scaremares and have become more popular in recent years. Many Christian haunted houses have Christian themes. For example, the annual Scaremare, created by conservative pastor Jerry Falwell, is a Christian version of a traditional haunted house. The haunted houses in Christian haunted houses are more graphic than traditional haunted houses and may not be suitable for everyone. Then there are dark rides. These are indoor rides where a guided vehicle travels through a specially lit scene. Most of these rides use special effects and animatronics.

Yard haunts are another type of Halloween haunted house. These are homes decorated for the holiday with elaborate props and decorations. These can include fake tombstones and plastic light-up figures. They may also use fog machines, strobe lights, and cobwebs. Some of these haunts even use FM transmitters to sync their light display with music. Discover more facts about venues at

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